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Didn't We Already Save Matt Damon?

Movie:  The Martian Year: 2015 Director:  Ridley Scott Starring: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig Another Ridley Scott movie? Yeah, I like his work. I was excited to see this after reading the fantastic book by Andy Weir. And, above all, I was hoping that they could do the book justice. They did. Over the years, I've seen movie after movie that unfold on Mars and I've seen all manner of awfulness on the screen. This movie didn't have that. There were no big round Martian moons (because Mars' moons are neither big nor round), no bulgy eyes due to decompression (I'm looking at you, Arnold) and no freezing solid (Tim Robbins, we need to talk). But it's not a flawless movie and the scientist that lives in my brain* kept kicking the back of my chair. So this is to acknowledge what he was telling me. The Flaws One of them is a major plot hole. The whole reason that Mark Watney winds up stranded is that there is a Martian windstorm